Monday, March 29, 2010

Egyptian Deities

I am reading a book titled Nick of Time at the moment.  It was a book donated to my classroom and for the most part a pretty good boy's adventure story.  It has all the right materials - pirates, Nazis, and spies, not to mention time travel too.  In this book I ran across something that doubtlessly you guys know about.  I didn't, so I'm going to post about it here.

One of the heroes was offered a cigarette by one of the Nazis.  The Nazi said, "You'll like them, their Egyptian Deities."  So I did a little  research and sure enough there were some Egyptian Deities cigarettes back in the day.  I don't know if they still make them or not, but here are some ads for them.  I just think it funny to think of Egyptian gods and goddesses sitting around smoking.

This one is from 1906 -

And this one from 1916 -

1919 - (the price goes up I notice)

And from 1920 -

This one is my favorite.  I'm going to have to search for that tambourine playing goddess.  I don't remember her.

So, if you are a person of culture and refinement (obviously that leaves me out (and Peyton too, by the way)), then you are obviously going to want to get right on this and find ouot if they still make them.  You don't want to be considered uncouth by the other cultured types.

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Peyton said...

LOL, and all this time, I thought I had you fooled. :)

I really like old ads from that time period... they were all so intricate. Good post.