Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Penelopiad

The following is NOT my review.  I have not read the book; however, it seems fun enough.  The review is by Allison Spooner at the Denver Book Review Examiner.  The original review is the link below, plus you get a picture of Alison.  Please click the link to read the entire review.  

If you are a fan of Greek myths, specifically The Odyssey or The Illiad, then you will highly enjoy “The Penelopiad” by Margaret Atwood. The book takes the story of Odysseus and his many triumphs, and puts the spotlight on his wife, Penelope, left alone at home for twenty years.

While putting a modern spin on the story, Penelope narrates her tale from Hades, where she wanders the after life, lamenting over her past life. She tells us the real story; how she and Odysseus met, how she was treated in his castle and their married life. Then she explains the motives behind the events we are familiar with; the murder of the suitors and the maids, and Odysseus’s homecoming.

Those familiar with Greek mythology will enjoy seeing the names of familiar Gods and Goddesses and finding out what Penelope and her peers really though of them. With poems and songs by the Maids intertwined through the chapters, the story is a quick read and a highly enjoyable tale. 


Anyone who has read this book, I would love a comment from you with your opinion.

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Kleio said...

I read that awhile ago and loved it- which is saying something because I WAY prefer the Iliad over the Odyssey. Margaret Atwood is an amazing writer and her ending with the servant girls' mock trial was quite an eye opener!