Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Nixa Mythology, a web site created by a mythology teacher, has this FIND IT on its teacher resources page. You can get the page size view at, or you can go to his web site in general at to see all of his stuff. This guy is very creative and has some interesting ideas. The page is good for teachers of mythology or just someone who wants to find Waldo or see the Athena Barbie (Zeus with head splitting action sold seperately). To engage his students, Mr. Mythology also has a class related blog you can access through his site and a list of mythology related books that they can read for extra credit. He also incorporates local legends in a project. If you live in MO, you might want to check these out. All around, a pretty ingenious way to teach mythology.

While not the place to go for standard information on gods and goddesses, this web site does provide a fresh look. Four our of Five Lightning Bolts.

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