Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We'll get to yesterday's post about "Fields of Gold" in the next few days. Today, however, I want to share something I just found out: National Mythology Exams

I found two: The National Mythology Exam and The Medusa Exam.

The National Mythology exam is designed with 3rd to 9th graders in mind. The teacher orders the packet and gives out the test. There are prizes awarded to winning children as well. I checked on their web site and they give the test in a seven year rotation, so no past tests are posted. They do give a few sample test items. Here are a few:

The Greek and Roman names which do NOT belong together are:
a. Juno and Artemis b. Minerva and Athena c. Vesta and Hestia d. Mercury and Hermes
The item associated with Hades is:
a. a cap of invisibility b. a trident c. an anvil d. a magic wand
Aphrodite is to Venus as Poseidon is to:
a. Vulcan b. Neptune c. Pluto d. Jupiter
Arachne and Athena competed in a:
a. tug of war b. foot race c. weaving contest d. beauty pageant
The god who ruled the Underworld was called:
a. Hades b. Pluto c. Both A and B d. None of the above

You can find out more about this exam at: http://www.etclassics.org/NMExam.html

The other exam is the Medusa Exam. This is for 6th through 12th graders. Since they do not repeat their exams, they have past exams in their site. They pick a theme and go at it. Here are a few questions from their 2007 test:

1. Holding the head of Medusa, Perseus rescued ____, the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia.
a. Ariadne b. Empusa c. Andromeda d. Eurydice
2. What attendants of Dionysus, often depicted as part man and part goat, chased nymphs?
a. Dactyls b. Curetes c. Maenads d. Satyrs
3. The Sirens were infamous for their:
a. singing b. oracles c. beauty d. stench
4. What wily king was forced to roll a rock uphill as a punishment for exposing Zeus’ abduction of Aegina?
a. Aeacus b. Sisyphus c. Elpenor d. Ulysses
5. What moon goddess loved Endymion, the ageless sleeper?
a. Hecate b. Selene c. Isis d. Eos

You can find out more about them at: http://www.medusaexam.org/

Unfortunately it is too late for teachers to sign their class up for this year, but if the idea is a good one for you, then there is always next year!