Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Myth-ing Links

I'm heading off soon to see my niece graduate and from there I'm off to celebrate my anniversary, so I probably will not update this blog until next week. So until then, I am going to ask you to do me two favors.

1. Forgive the bad pun for the title. Those who have been reading for a while know I like corny puns. If you do too, try or

2. I'm looking for some good mythology web sites. It can be anything - Greek, Roman, Norse, Celt, Egyptian, Japanese, Aztec, teacher pages, art, constellations, blogs, compilations, you get the idea. If you wish to review the site for me - great! If you only leave the web address - great! If you want to plug your own site - great! I know I tend to frequent the same pages repeatedly and would like to see where others go.

On the side panel you'll see just a few sites that I have started with and a little lower are some blogs as well. If we get several replies, maybe I'll send the one with the best link a No Prize (a little something Marvel comics used to do - I am the proud recipient of the first electronic No Prize).

Happy surfing!

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